Oral Hygiene

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

At Southeast Orthodontics we make oral hygiene a priority. We start by providing all of our patients detailed instructions as well as the tools necessary to maintain a healthy smile.

During the initial bonding appointment, once all the braces are in place, we provide all of our patients with a new toothbrush, interproximal brush, floss, OrthoWash, and other supplies required to maintain a healthy smile. We provide and review information about certain foods to avoid during treatment. We immediately place a fluoride cavity shield varnish containing calcium and phosphate components naturally found in saliva. When applied it delivers targeted, sustained fluoride and calcium release throughout treatment. We re-apply as necessary throughout treatment. The sustained fluoride treatment is maintained daily with OrthoWash rinse. OrthoWash is a daily sodium fluoride rinse indicated for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment to prevent de-calcification and cavities. We recommend daily use of this rinse, and supply it to all of our patients throughout treatment as necessary.

Anytime we place orthodontic bands we use Ketac-Cem, an orthodontic cement that has a long-term fluoride release, protecting the teeth throughout treatment. Also, anytime we place orthodontic bonds we use Quick-Cure adhesive, a paste that is formulated with a patented monomer which also releases fluoride.

After all of the braces are in place and all oral hygiene instructions have been given, we will continue to encourage excellent oral hygiene throughout the course of treatment. During regular adjustment appointments, we provide all of our patients the opportunity to brush and rinse (after removal of the arch wire, and before any adjustments are made). During these appointments one of our certified orthodontic assistants provides the patient and parents an oral hygiene progress report, and records those reports in the patient’s treatment card. The goal of these progress reports is to reward excellent oral hygiene and to work with our patients to make improvements as necessary.

Visiting the general dentist during orthodontic treatment is necessary, encouraged, and rewarded. We recommend that you continue semi-annual check-ups and cleanings with your general dentist. Anytime a patient has a regular cleaning and exam, and brings back a dental cleaning certificate, we award extra reward points. Once the points are awarded we also enter your hygienists name into a monthly drawing to reward their important role in maintaining healthy, clean teeth during your treatment. Hygienists play a key role in promoting oral hygiene and we randomly choose one hygienist per month to reward and personally thank them for the continued support and education they provide all of our orthodontic patients.

Oral Hygiene Rewards!

NEW! Earn rewards points for visiting your general dentist! Every time you go to the dentist for a cleaning you can either ask your hygienist for a dental cleaning form or download it here to bring with you. Just have the hygienist sign the form and bring it back into our office to receive 25 reward points!

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